Short History

History of projects and campaigns conducted by Gaeltacht Irland Reisen and the irland journal magazine individually or in joint venture

(We have often been chosen by Irish associations, organisations, interest groups or regional bodies to act as their German marketing branch in a series of complex and quite challenging projects a few of which involved one or the other kind of European funding [e.g. INTERREG, Peace Money, International Fund for Ireland].)

How it all began
Travel agency Gaeltacht Irland Reisen founded on May 3rd, by people with no experience in the trade at all, but a lot of experience in travelling to and around Ireland.

Gaeltacht joins the association of so-called “Europäische Ferien-Heimvolkshochschulen“ (European holiday adult education centres), a registered charity which is renamed a few years later “EBZ – Europäische Bildungs- und Begegnungszentren“ (European Centres for Culture and Communication). EBZ today consists of eight independent cultural and educational organisations in seven different countries. Their primary aim is to encourage studies in European history, culture and politics. Gaeltacht Irland Reisen is also the office address of EBZ Ireland.

Last edition published of what had been called the “Tarifdschungel-Buch” (an annual directory for travellers to find their way around rates, fares, timetables etc. in relation to Ireland).


Christian Ludwig Verlag (Christian Ludwig Publishing Company) founded. First issue of irland journal magazine to appear.


1993 – Rainbow Route
An already existing but little known car ferry route (via Scotland into Northern Ireland – from Cairnryan to Larne) was the key element of a small package offered to 100,000 German families. 25 percent of them responded and received a special edition of the irland journal dealing with the geographical North of Ireland, the very region the route in question would give them access to.
As a result about 10,000 people (from approx. 2,700 bookings) per year travel this route (for a period of about six years), generating in total almost 30,000 bed nights in Northern Ireland alone.

Starting point of co-operation with the National Rural Tourism Cooperative Society (Ireland) Ltd, trading under the name of Irish Country Holidays.

Beginning of co-operation with the Arts Council of Ireland and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

1995/1996 – Irish Folk Festival
The irland journal magazine produces and distributes the official programme brochure of the Irish Folk Festival – a tour of Irish music all around Germany – with the approval of its promoters. This greatly helps in getting our message across to a maximum number of visitors (and not just to those 10 or 20 percent of the audience who would buy the programme, if for sale at the merchandise desk). For two years in a row we distribute the brochure free of charge at the entrance – and by this get in touch with a total of about 50,000 people. In these two years we collect about 30,000 new addresses of people interested in going to Ireland – at least half of them resulting from this marketing campaign alone.
1996 – Frankfurt Book Fair
  Perhaps our greatest achievement with the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Guest of Honour of that year being Ireland and its Diaspora. Insiders are aware that there wouldn’t have been an Irish participation without us – we even grant (and indeed invest) a considerable amount of money as sponsor. The idea is simple: To not just have the party, i.e. all the accompanying events, all over Frankfurt and its surrounding area – but all over Germany! Eventually, about 1,300 cultural events take part in this nationwide festival called “A Day of Irish Life in Germany”. It takes place between September and December of that year, everything under one umbrella and co-ordinated by an increased team of irland journal and Gaeltacht Irland Reisen staff. Press coverage is huge, our work highly praised, but in the end also we are the ones to pay probably 90 percent of a large final bill all on our own. Still, 200,000 copies of a special issue of the irland journal are distributed throughout Germany in the course of this project, being a great success with a lasting effect: Even now, more than 15 years later, we know from clients and subscribers that copies of that issue are still read, even coupons that had been enclosed are still sent in …

1997/1998 – Arigna Leader Company & Riverdance
We try to sell an “artificial” region with the so-called “Arigna Catalogue” – not very successfully. Gaeltacht and the irland journal manage to become “partners” of the Riverdance tour in Germany and accompany approx. 50 shows running a big information stand. By this we are able to distribute 200,000 copies of a new brochure called Fáilte which next to offers on products from and related to Ireland also includes a lot of information on the country as a tourist destination.

In 1996 (in the context of our Frankfurt Book Fair activities) we were the driving force behind the foundation of the so-called Netzwerk Irland (Network Ireland), a registered association which in 1998 faces its greatest challenge up to then: The heirs of German writer and Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll want to sell his Cottage on Achill Island. While the Christian Ludwig Verlag pays most of the bill, a sub-society (Friends of the Heinrich Böll Cottage) leases the cottage and continues the Artist in Residence programme until about 2001. By that time Network Ireland is no longer able to raise funds, and eventually Rene Böll manages to find an even better (Irish) solution. But again, we “felt to be needed” and offered and gave our help in difficult times …

2000 – The Market of German Parishes
Second attempt of Gaeltacht activities in relation to the huge market that are German parishes as far as group travel is concerned. In co-operation with North West Passage Ireland the first edition of the Gaeltacht/EBZ guidebook Open Your Mind is printed and sent out to approx. 20,000 German parishes. Two familiarisation trips with decision-makers (from such parishes) take place resulting in doubling the number of Gaeltacht/EBZ groups to Ireland coming from a church background.
2004 – Riverdance again
In the autumn of this year in a joint venture with Tourism Ireland we once again organise and run an information stand on Ireland at all of the approx. 85 Riverdance shows that take place all over Germany. 80,000 brochures especially designed for that event are distributed – along with a detailed questionnaire. The overall response is not overwhelming but reasonably good: 4,000 people fill in the form and provide us with information on their travel habits as well as their future travel plans. (Also, Riverdance still lists Gaeltacht as a “Friend or Partner” on its website for some more years to come)

2006 – Invitation to the Sunny South (of Ireland)
For us, it has never taken that long from making a proposal (April) to its execution (September): In a direct mail campaign 38,000 specially designed irland journal magazines are sent out exclusively to people who have previously booked with Gaeltacht Irland Reisen (various conditions applied). One distinctive feature of this medium sized issue is its focus on the so-called (Irish) Super Region South. Again, our intention is (in accordance with Fáilte Ireland and Tourism Ireland) to promote the more rural and less well-known regions of the Irish South. (In Ireland the economic benefit gained from tourism activities is still distributed unevenly.) Approx. 30 pages deal with different facets of Irish cultural life …

Since 1998 Christian Ludwig Verlag publishes Folker, the only German music magazine dealing exclusively with Folk music, World Music, Singer/Songwriters and all kinds of themes in relation to traditional, ethnic and handmade music.
Naturally, Celtic themes and music always played and still play a significant role in this periodical (comprising up to a third of its contents). At the same time, it boasts 24 (separate) pages consisting of concert, festival, workshop, session listings etc. called “BLUE PAGES”. Here one can find up to 2,500 current musical events taking place within the next three or four months.
As the number of e-mails and other information in relation to such events grew to an amount no longer to be controlled, we finally decided to create a new web portalwww.folk-lied-weltmusik.dewhere everyone has the chance to enter their tour dates and events themselves, at the same time being in charge of their accuracy. It took us one year’s hard work to get the thing up and running and to have the German market informed and persuaded. But it works – and continually lists between 3,000 and 4,000 upcoming events.

Interesting for the Irish: people (organisers, musicians, newspapers, halls…) can classify their event as being “celtic” . If they do, all celtic related results are also being shown on our huge portal for Ireland:

Also in 2008, we did again what we did in 1996 (and 1995): at the delight of Peter Pandula (Concert Promoter / Magnetic Music) we edited and printed the official festival programme of the Irish Folk Festival 2008 – free for everybody and at our own expense by inserting it to the (heavily increased print run of the) irland journal September-issue. We wanted to make the “marketing platform” bigger and handed a copy out to every visitor, free again (versus selling it to only 10% of the audience). We directed a few thousand people to our website. Here, people could activate a voucher and - answer questions. For example:  “Are you interested in receiving information about the “electronical Betaversion” of a huge Irish CD-list?” (which then later developed into this website !)…

While the irland journal continues to appear four times a year (now in its 20th year), we are also responsible for the latest development in the Internet, being our really biggest challenge now: the new internet-portal

Content: (as per 12.12.2011):
1.096 Irish/Celtic bands
3.621 Irish/Celtic musicians 
4.463 Irish/Celtic CDs
856 articles re. Cds/musicians/instruments
46 articles re Regions, music styles, dancing, genres
2.566.828 page impressions in total (since 1.12.2008)
2.320 page impressions per day


If this platform/portal is in English (and not in German only) it could and should be used by the Irish themselves. This was the content of a funding application towards Culture Ireland in February 2009 which was turned down (We don’t support webseites”). This portal is simple and complex at the same time. But we still won’t be able to bring it further ahead on our own…
by the end of the year we produced “dialann 2010”, a 50 page brochure (print run appr. 60.000) containing all available Irish/Celtic related concerts/gigs/events in Germany. As we showcased both 500 small ones along with some 150 big ones, so-called highlights and because we actively distributed them nationwide at most of these concerts ourselves, we achieved that every big concert promoted all others including the small ones – and vice versa.
The demand was so big that there was a need for a reprint in app. May.
But already the previous funding application had been turned down by Culture Ireland by stating “We don’t support brochures”. So we did not proceed with the reprint, despite the huge demand (The involved draw – people could win lots of concert tickets – resulted in app. 15.000 new contacts, via website and by post – over a half year period) .
A private working group called “Arbeitsgruppe Irland auf dem Kirchentag”, but mainly driven by us, co-operated with the Second Ecumenical Kirchentag in Munich (May 2010) – it was our first “Kirchentag”. The overall theme was „That You May Live in Hope”. Our theme was: “Without hope, without the living ecumenical experience, without the many holding on to their vision, the long journey towards peace in Belfast, (London-)Derry and the whole of Northern Ireland would never have taken place.
But what were the causes of the conflict? And how were they, at least partly, overcome? Is the peace process, starting with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, irreversible? What further (ecumenical) efforts are necessary to allow the two communities to live together harmoniously and peacefully, with respect for each other’s different traditions?
These, and many similar questions (historical, political and religious) were addressed  by a number of individuals and groups and debated at the Kirchentag – 
1) at the ‘Encounters’ Evening
2) at thee evening events in the theatre of the “MÜNCHENSTIFT” House in Rümannstrasse 60 (Munich-Schwabing): a Long Night of Irish Music, a Panel Discussion and an Ecumenical Celebration
3) and on three long days (at the same physical place: a concert hall) in the ‘House of Ireland’ – set up by us for those three days as an open meeting place for talks, for information & displays, for Irish food and drink, an Irish library, for films and new (travel) projects
All that was organised completely by ourselves. We had printed app. 60.000 brochures (Tourism Ireland as the only sponsor paid half of it).

First of January was our biggest and most important step: after a 3-year cooperation with a different web portal we decided to move back to our roots and re-vamped our own existing (12 years old) website – and turned it into a new sophisticated information and booking portal for Ireland.
Since then we have done lots of promotions, we are sending out newsletters almost by the month, and the community seems to like all our different promotional or informational activities. Otherwise we could not explain the 2,1 million page impressions since (128.000 per month or 4300 per day).

Again we take part in another (Deutscher Evangelischer) Kirchentag: in Dresden, in Mai – at three levels: with a big stand at the Evening of Encounter, with a big stand at the “Markt der Möglichkeiten” all three days – and again with a (physical) “House of Ireland” for the public at the Johannstädter Kulturtreff – with music, seminars, an Irish Shop and more.

September 2011
we started a concert ticket draw under the name “1000 Tickets fürs Folk” (1000 tickets for you Folk-enthusiasts) – and extented it soon to first concerts /festival tickets to be won for events in Ireland. This promotion has gained enormous interest by the public, it has since long been decided to carry on with it until the end of 2012.
(Basic idea: the musicians/ concert agencies sponser 2 additional tickets per gig and get all our promotional activities for free – on- and offline, in our both magaines for example. And again, by searching our website, the public gets to know what all/what else is on offer)

The EBZ Irland (see: 1994) hosts the AGM of the “European Centres for Culture and Communication” (EBZ consists of  ten independent cultural and educational organisations in nine different countries). The primary aim of the EBZ is to encourage studies in European history, culture and politics. Gaeltacht Irland Reisen functions as office for the EBZ Ireland. Ireland is now the longest serving member within this european structure.
The EBZ Irland is part of and is a centre of a comprehensive European-German-Irish/Celtic network, which provides multifaceted contacts to persons and institutions from all parts of society.
January: A few interested people met in Dublin informally, at the occasion of the Temple Bar TradFest (which, by the way, was promotionally introduced into the German public by us, years back). The result of this cross-border meeting:
We will bring two / three different ideas together and will try to combine the following:
1) a database > webportal for all big and small Irish music events/festivals (later to be extented into a Cultural Event Portal) (We have developed such a portal for the area of folk, song and worldmusic sucessfully
2) to bring the festivals as such together (in order to be easier marketed overseas) and
3) go ahead with the plan of  “30 Nights of Irish Arts & Culture in Germany” – in 2013 – but marry this with the so-called “Rainbow-Mailing”, originally planned for early 2012 (100,000 families from our database, having been in Ireland once or twice only, to be re-motivated in visiting Ireland again)

Christian Ludwig / 14.3.2012

PS: Gaeltacht has a postal database of 269,462 customers (as per 14.3.2012)

30 Nights of Irish Arts & Culture?
The Irish President, Michaels D. Higgins, in a personal conversation and interview with him, declares his willingness to take over patronage of our planned festival of the “30 Nights”. What we intend to stage is something similar to the so-called “Roadshow” former Board Fáilte and later also Tourism Ireland employed to bring their country to the people: “30 Nights of Irish Arts & Culture”, all over Germany in 2013, with a total expected audience of up to 90,000 people. Involving top acts from Ireland on stage, music from classical to folk/pop/rock, clips/films, literature & poetry. A unique presentation of Ireland through the Irish. A cultural invitation, a motivation to join the so-called Gathering in Ireland itself, a parallel festival all over the country designed also to enhance tourism to Ireland. Everything coinciding as well with Ireland’s EU presidency in the first half of 2013.

June, July, August 2012
But then it seems we did push our luck. We have to learn that there is not much enthusiasm in Ireland as far as a definite (financial) support of the “30 Irish Nights” is concerned. Due to the fact, that this venture is fairly ambitious and involves a lot of hard work, we therefore get kind of nervous and have to realise, that we on our own wouldn’t have the influence necessary to carry it through. Furthermore, should still any support materialise, at that stage it might be too late.
We are not annoyed, though, about this development but rather resort to all our strength and energy to set up a new venture. We bury the idea of the “30 Irish Nights” (for the moment at least) and begin to pursue a new line of thought, based on something not so totally new:

500 Days of Irish Life in Germany 2013.

The idea behind is similar to what we did very successfully within the context of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1996 and called “A Day of Irish Life in Germany”, co-ordinating 1,300 Irish related events all over Germany in the autumn of that year (see 1996 above).

This time we propose to celebrate “500 Days of Irish Life in Germany”, i.e. to promote 500 events related to Irish culture in the first half of 2013. Support here was limited as well, so we just went out on our own and made it happen …
The difference being that here we “only” have to co-ordinate things by just being the driving force behind bringing like-minded people together – something much easier to keep control of than organising everything on our own. Anyone with something on offer in what relation to Ireland and Irish culture ever within the first six months of 2013 gets the chance to participate. So, we talk to concert promoters, musicians, clubs, venues (halls), cultural institutions, adult education centres, parishes, libraries etc. and promise to bring them all together under the one (marketing) umbrella: “500 Days of Irish Life”.

By early December 2012 we know we would indeed succeed in reaching 500 events – at the end of March 2013, we even have “gathered” more than 1,000 events. Small ones, big ones. A lot of which would have taken place anyway. Most of them concerts, but also including readings, film screenings, theatrical productions etc.

What is more, we encourage the original members to revive the Netzwerk Irland society (see 1998 above) as a kind of co-ordinating body. But we also need money, money, we, unfortunately, don’t have. So we write to all the important women and men in Ireland. Who, to our surprise, are mostly quite irritated, because they have their own great venture in mind, the so-called Gathering Ireland 2013, mentioned already above. A big festival of festivals, all year round, with the aim to get as many people to travel to Ireland as possible.

An aim that corresponds to our own: to motivate old as well as new Ireland enthusiasts at all these cultural events in Germany to visit Ireland in 2013. Because we use them as a marketing platform to promote Ireland as well as our own company (Gaeltacht). In addition to a specially designed Gaeltacht brochure we therefore put together an exclusive “Irish Life Reader and Travel Book”, comprising 252 pages. Both are distributed to the audience free of charge at many of these German events.

By April 2013 …
... the first 50,000 copies are more or less gone, the second 50,000 are about to be printed. At some events there is even a personal “welcome message” being read out from the stage by the organiser or the artist helping to transfer the reputation of the artist or artists to the value of the book they refer to.

Despite some difficulties still to be faced, our definite achievement here is that we have established a completely new network of artists, concert and tour promoters, clubs, venues, halls, cultural institutions, parts of the media and those who went or still will go to an Irish cultural event. And by this enhancing the attention that is paid to Ireland in Germany.
What was intended to become “500 Days of Irish Life in Germany 2013” until early April had grown into more than 1,000 events related to things Celtic and Irish taking place all over Germany before the 30th of June 2013 which corresponded to the date the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union ended – our campaign had been outlined to run parallel to this. But then we didn’t stop on the 30th of June as you can see below …
This vast amount of cultural events also meant that we were only able to distribute our books and brochures to part of the audience (if even the greater part of it). More about our fine print pieces so far can be found on the home page of our website where we also have them as e-books to peruse them immediately.

Parallel to that another, very special date kept us busy: On the 3rd of May 2013 Gaeltacht was able to celebrate its 30th anniversary. And there were quite a few things we came up with in honouring this …

Beginning on the 3rd of May, we introduced a lot of new stuff on our website like for example a new surprise, a new prize, a new special offer each day. Or something like the fact that we finally managed to totally relaunch and “resurrect” our including up-to-date software and quite some bargain to be made ...

And time kept flying! Click-through rates on our Ireland portal rose, our best-known sites together managed to record well over 8 million clicks at that time. Perhaps you are interested in what were the 38 most popular things people wanted to know then?

Also our great Ireland survey was important to us, because we wanted to show Fáilte and Tourism Ireland that clients of Gaeltacht Irland Reisen, irland journal and Irish Shop have a deeper interest in Ireland than others, that they go there more frequently, significantly more often visit the countryside and regions beyond the large cities, stay longer and are interested in different activities than the average tourist. They, in consequence, spent more money which as one reason out of many makes it worthwhile to promote the country and its attractions at cultural events in Germany related to things Irish and Celtic, for example.

We are sure, there will be another 27 years ahead of us for us to make new mistakes, but perhaps you are able to help us to avoid one or the other of them – we’re always ready to accept positive criticism.

In the last days of December 2013 we were forced to move our website to a new host. Preparing the new one meant an awful lot of work and were tough, because we were still involved in quite some projects. Since in the process we ourselves didn’t have easy access to all our data, we temporarily put all new things, prices, texts etc. onto a new website:

The only problem was that by doing this we neglected our main Gaeltacht site a little bit, also because we were working on the relaunch of our Irish Shop web presence mentioned above. The latter finally happened in early December of 2013, including 130 new items, all common modes of payment and a very special novelty: We allow our friends and fans access to more than 800 texts, articles, documents, brochures – all free of charge. To read them online, to look up things or to download them. Or to order them at a symbolic price of 1 Eurocent (in the case that we also have a printed version of the document in question) or at cost price per page, if to be photocopied (8,7 Eurocent).

At the same time of a busy second half of the year the Moers team behind EBZ Irland managed to reorganize and regroup, because there had been quite some changes in staff. Our phone number for group and study tours with EBZ Irland still was and is 0049-2841-930123 and also our address for e-mail contact remained the same:

Was that all there is to say? Of course not …

Behind all the relaunches and regroupings we were also labouring on our next big project, our Yearbook Ireland 2015. And in late autumn decide to also make it available in bookshops in order to widen its scope. It’s planned (and calculated) to contain 400 pages, but we soon realise that all the material we have collected for it would need rather 650. we still out off a final solution as to that …

In the first hours of the new year we launch yet another still provisional new Gaeltacht website also diverting older Gaeltacht web content there. Here we are finally able again to be as up-to-date as possible – although for the time being it is still based on a hired web package that always has its restrictions and limitations. Still better than the way it was before after being forced to move …

Press Release 25.2.2015

Moers/Frankfurt – Germany

German Educators to Learn About Ireland

A slightly unusual type of conference will take place in various locations in Ireland North and South between April 19th and April 25th when appr. 25 high profile adult educationalists from top institutions in Germany will visit Dublin, Belfast, the Causeway Coastal Route, Glencolumbkille and Achill Island/Mulranny.

The aims of the (traveling) Conference
a)    EBZ Irland (Gaeltacht Irland Reisen) is to showcase its practical work with its own groups during their educational/cultural study projects and tours (...)
b)    (...) and will also inform the guests about current (political) issues in Ireland North and South.
c)    New specific issues and demands of adult education in society, language and culture in a European context are to be discussed

Topic: Ireland as a travel destination for German Adult Educational / Cultural Tours - Irish Society and History, Culture and Language in an European Perspective

These app. 25 key decision makers represent appr.1000 German “Community Adult Education Centres” (Volkshochschulen). The “Volkshochschulen” are the largest providers of Adult education in all of Germany reaching 9 million Germans annually with a huge variety of courses, seminars, lectures etc. offered in, for example, areas like English (and other) languages, politics, knitting & weaving, literature, arts, health, vocational training and much more. 
Some also do travel abroad. The aim is to increase the number of those organizing their projects and seminars in Ireland.

The European Centre for Culture and Communication Ireland (EBZ, represented by Gaeltacht Irland Reisen) is the most senior member of the registered society of European Centres for Culture and Communication and organizes this trip. As society the EBZ Irland is member of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA – see below).

Christian Ludwig, EBZ Irland (Gaeltacht Irland Reisen)
Phone: 0049-2841-930 131  (Mobile: 0049-163 – 3930 121)
Post: EBZ Irland, Schwarzer Weg 25, 47447 Moers, Germany


More Background information:

1) Since 1984 the European Centre fur Culture and Communication Ireland (in German: EBZ Irland, represented by Gaeltacht Irland Reisen), has offered and organised educational / cultural visits, projects, seminars and workshops in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland, each of which complies with the respective special educational requirements of community adult education centres, trade unions, churches and other institutions working in the educational / cultural field in Germany.
The EBZ Irland is part of and a centre of a comprehensive European-German-Irish/Celtic network, which provides multifaceted contacts to persons and institutions from all parts of German and Irish society.
Currenty, the European Centres fur Culture and Communication (EBZ) have  members in:
Germany (2)
Austria /in German) (bi-lingual)

2) The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) is the voice of non-formal adult education in Europe. EAEA is a European NGO with 123 member organisations in 42 countries and represents more than 60 million learners Europe-wide.
EAEA has two Irish members:
- AONTAS - National Adult Learning Organisation (Ordinary Member)
- NUI Maynooth - Department of Adult and Community Education (Associate Member)

There are 16 members from Germany, i.e.:
- EBZ (see above)
- All German Community Adult Education Centres (see above), are represented by the “Institut für internationale Zusammenarbeit” des Deutschen Volkshochschul-Verbandes e.V. (dvv international)

All the named institutions are working towards similar goals which in this context are: European and cultural education and life long learning.

Christian Ludwig, EBZ Irland (Gaeltacht Irland Reisen)
Phone: 0049-2841-930 131  (Mobile: 0049-163 – 3930 121)
Post: EBZ Irland, Schwarzer Weg 25, 47447 Moers, Germany

8 May 2015:
600 pages!

Unfortunately, we were late in the end. But came up with a unique product that was different to anything we published before: Our Yearbook Ireland 2015/2016, just arriving from the printers on that day! Containing full 600 pages on and about Ireland coming in four parts as follows:

1) The actual yearbook comprising 236 pages …in green

2) Our 121 page Gaeltacht Ferry and Money Saving Manual …in blue

3) Advance publication of a different book/brochure: Wild Atlantic Way and Causeway Coastal Route. Volume one: The coastal stretch from Giant’s Cauaseway to Donegal Bay – comprising 130 pages – in yellow

4) The complete 1.15 issue of our irland journal magazine comprising 110 pages …in red

A complete table of contents can be found here! Also containing all forewords …
Something like that has its price: EUR9.90 for all who only want to get hold of the yearbook – but that’s not what we would recommend to do!

Better to invest 10 Eurocent more, i.e. pay EUR10 in total and together with the whole yearbook you get all 2015 issues of our irland journal magazine for that price instead of EUR20 as a trial offer. Everything you need to know about this you can find here.

Are you curious as to our 600 pages on and about Ireland? It’s “top quality again from our company” (as Erwin K from Albstadt wrote). And we give you the chance to actually have a closer look at it here – page after page …#
And we hope you’ll still want to order the “real thing” (as a trial subscription for EUR10) – just because of this closer look …
(If this link does not work just see the our website.. scroll down a little bit and you find the link to our Jahrbuch as – e-book,,)

Juli, 20th – in the middle of the season
We are extremely busy and book quite a number of flights and car rentals, cottages for our clients, no wonder.
But the amount of short term car ferry booking is amazing!
And still, most of these booking go through the system. It means we still get our special rates on most departures… even our most attractive offer as this:
car (normal size) and two people, short crossings such as Calais / Dunkirchen - Dover /with DFDS) and the choice if Irish Sea crossings by Irish Ferries: Pembroke – Rosslare or Holyhead-Dublin. 4 times a ferry. In high season.
And paying how much? 800 Euro? 600 Euro?
no, we do this for 399,-Euro – return!
That’s deal, isn’t it?

Just give us a ring, if you have a question as to this or want to book with us, because we also do have offer that are not part of the “Money Saving Manual” mentioned above.

Thanks for having been with us up until this point. Better even, if you get in touch with us about the one or the other detail like ferry booking, car rental, an EBZ study tour … (You now know quite well now who we are here in Moers at Gaeltacht Irland Reisen and the irland journal magazine and what we are doing, but we know so little about you. So, why not just get in touch with us? We would be really delighted …

Yours sincerely, your team from

Gaeltacht Irland Reisen
Schwarzer Weg 25
47441 Moers